Thursday, January 12, 2012

NOT for the Faint of Heart! (But a damned good film)

The Curse of Macbeth is not for everyone and it certainly was not what I expected when I got it. That being said, it is hot on many levels and a good time for those that can handle its strong content. The second thing I want to say about The Curse of Macbeth is that it had me hooked by the end of the first scene and it just wouldn’t let go. I liked this DVD. However, Mrs. Peg isn’t into this sort of thing. The House of Macbeth divided…..

So I thought The Curse of Macbeth would be very female-centric and shot in a way that focuses on female pleasure. In truth, that is what you get. However, what Madison Young reminds the viewer is that just because this is directed by a woman, doesn’t mean this is chick-porn. She focuses on female satisfaction but reveals that true satisfaction can result from some hardcore, dirty and rough sex. There is knife play, flogging, hot wax, spanking, choking, gagging, slapping and hair pulling throughout this film. What you also get is some very real orgasms by all players.

The other thing that really surprised me is that fluid barriers (read as: condoms, gloves and dental dams) are not used in all scenes in this film. I expected coming out of the San Francisco sex scene that there would be more of a focus on safe sex. I am not passing judgment; I just found it unexpected.

One final thing that must be said is that The Curse of Macbeth is not a San Fernandina Valley porn film. This is San Francisco porn. The production values are good, they are just different than your average porn. The set looks like it was filmed in an apartment I used to live in rather than some palatial manor in the Hollywood Hills. This does not detract from the film or my enjoyment. It just points to how this film sets itself apart from other porn movies (distinction between film and movie is intended!).

The The Curse of Macbeth is an inventive interpretation on the Shakespearean play. Don’t confuse this with a porn parody. It is themed on Macbeth and does a reasonably good job at following those themes. It is not meant to be a parody of the play though.

Scene I of The Curse of Macbeth shows Macbeth being tormented by the witches. Here we get five witches instead of three, but it works with three couples having very hot sex with each other. The scene ends with Macbeth being fed his own load of cum. If you have read "Tables Turned", you will know that was really all it took to make me like this movie!

Scene II features director Madison Young as Lady Macbeth fucking and fellating Macbeth in a hot scene that features face slapping, gagging, rough oral sex and some very real sex.

Scene III is Lady Macbeth dispensing with Banquo after another thorough fucking. Enter that damned spot!

Scene IV is an incredibly hot scene featuring Tina Horn being handled roughly by Maestro. She clearly is enjoying this treatment, but this is the scene, more than any other in The Curse of Macbeth, that may cause some viewers to cringe. It isn’t violent by any means….it is just theatrically aggressive. If spanking, hair pulling and some hard thrusting isn’t your thing than this might not be for you. But really, you can tell, everyone is having a good time, especially Ms. Horn.

Scene V wraps the film up with a little movie magic as Lady Macbeth succumbs to the madness. There isn’t any sex, but it completes the film.

You absolutely have to watch the bonus features! Again, it isn’t typical of an adult DVD but it is fascinating. (Many of the actors in this were recruited over TWITTER!) Meet the actors, the director and see some behind the scenes shots as well as some movie magic. It is a little cerebral but well worth the time it takes to watch it. This is not your average porn and these are NOT your average porn stars!!

So, be forewarned, the The Curse of Macbeth is not for everyone. However, if you are into a little rough trade and some really honest sex elevated to another level, this DVD is definitely a good view. It is not vanilla. It is not wall-to-wall sexpot porn (not that there is anything wrong with that!). The The Curse of Macbeth is orgasm-driven, thoughtful, hot and dark porn that will stroke your kink and get you off!

*****WE RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AS A FREE SAMPLE FROM OUR FRIENDS AT GOOD VIBRATIONS AND GOODVIBES.COM. THANKS MAE!! The fact that I got this free really has no bearing on the honesty of this review. ******

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

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