Thursday, December 15, 2011


H2O Water-Based Lube

System JO has worked a little bit of magic with their H2O Water-Based Lube. It feels like a silicone lube but washes off like a water-based lube. In fact that is exactly how this is advertised; the bottle says , “The only water based lube that feels silky smooth like silicone.” Personally, I didn’t really believe that would be true. How wrong…and very, very happy…I am!!

Beyond living the Pegging Life, there are a few things I really enjoy. The first is silicone toys. The second is handjobs. As everyone should know, silicone lubes ruin silicone toys. Because of this, we are always on the lookout for a good water-based lube. When pegging, you want something a little thick that will last and last. Not all water-based lubes fit this bill (Better Sex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant is a notable exception!). As for handjobs, I really prefer a silicone lube. Mrs. Peg gives fantastic handjobs that are tortuously long. Water-based lubes often get sticky way too soon as they start to dry out. Water-based lubes also tend to be too slick when first applied. I love to feel Mrs. Peg’s hands on me and to have a little drag. That doesn’t mean friction, it just means I like a slight bit of pull. Silicone lubes are phenomenal at achieving that perfect amount of slippage. System JO somehow managed to take all the best qualities of a silicone lube and made it water-based. It is slippery, long-lasting, washes off easily and doesn’t destroy silicone toys. What more could you want?!

The fact of the matter is, H2O Water-Based Lube had a little more than Mrs. Peg could want. This lube has Glycerin in it which Mrs. Peg is quite sensitive too, so this is a lube strictly for me. Other ingredients include Propyl paraben, Methyl paraben, Sodium Carboxy methyl cellulose, and Purified water. Anyone sensitive to these ingredients should steer clear of this lube. Everyone else should definite give it a try; it is really pretty amazing stuff!

Have fun and play safely!

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*****WE RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AS A FREE SAMPLE FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE BETTERSEX NETWORK AND BETTERSEX.COM. THANKS K!!! The fact that I got this free really has no bearing on the honesty of this review. It’s a whole lot of fun!! ******

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

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