Monday, April 30, 2012

Like a BOSS!

Big Boss

We love Fun Factory. We have tried a number of their toys and by and large, we are VERY happy with them. We really love the Click ‘n’ Charge toys that they make. The motors are strong with deep vibrations; the batteries are rechargeable and their ability to hold a charge is impressive; and they are very well made from body-safe materials. In fact, up until very recently, the Ocean has been Mrs. Peg’s go-to vibrator.

About two months ago I found myself in the hospital for a number of days and then on strict bed rest for a number of weeks after. Without getting too far into the details, I was pretty much limited to elevating my head just enough to keep from choking when eating and drinking (yet another use for our Liberator Wedge !) and absolutely no physical activity. Fortunately for Mrs. Peg, our good friends at had sent us a Big Boss to try out.

Now, honestly, I had every intention of making this a ME toy when I found out it was on its way. After all, Mrs. Peg has that Ocean she likes so much. I was really looking forward to giving this 9” dildo (6 ½” of which are insertable) with its 1 and ¾” girth a try. I very much enjoy the low frequency, strong vibrations that are characteristic of Fun Factory’s vibes. Circumstances being what they were at the time, Mrs. Peg got her hands on the Big Boss and I don’t think she will be giving it up. It is worth noting that the Big Boss is a silicone vibrator which is waterproof so it can be soaked to keep it clean. Because of its internal working parts it cannot be boiled. There is also a seam between the silicone shaft and the ABS control ‘handle.’ For this reason we are not really comfortable using this vibe as an anal and vaginal toy. I’d rather be safe than insistent that I get to play with it too.

I was home for about 4 days when I suggested to Mrs. Peg that she give the Big Boss a try. My wife was very reluctant at first to pleasure herself while I was subject to my doctor imposed chastity. I told her that she shouldn’t have to wait for some indeterminate amount of time just because I couldn’t participate. Besides, I confessed, I really enjoy watching her get herself off. I also thought I could help as long as I didn’t move around too much.

Big Boss

The first time Mrs. Peg used the Big Boss she was laying beside me. I really had a horrible view except to see that she was really enjoying herself. The vibrator’s motor is close to the handle end, not in its tip. The vibrations are, therefore, focused on her vaginal opening while inserted. She can also focus on her clit while the toy remains inside of her, thanks to its flexible shaft. The handle has a loop for your finger which makes it easy to hold onto and very controllable. The buttons on the handle are well-placed and easy to use. While I couldn’t see much, I could feel her orgasm as she gripped my hand and quivered next to me.

The next time Mrs. Peg used the Big Boss was a much better show for me. As I lay there in bed, Mrs. Peg set up a Fetish Series Sex Stool above me. This stool has a tubular metal frame and two clear vinyl straps that allow her to straddle the gap and have access to her lady parts. Centered above my chest, Mrs. Peg lowered herself onto the stool, pussy invitingly slightly parted in front of me. She handed me the Big Boss and whispered, “Please fuck me.”

I applied a bit of water-based Sliquid lube to the tip of the dildo and pressed its massive defined head to my wife’s pussy. Her swollen lips spread to accept its girth just inches in front of my face. It was a glorious sight to give my wife pleasure and to have such an amazing view. Mrs. Peg’s hand found my and took control of the Big Boss pushing it deeper and faster into her. It emerged glistening now more with her juices than the lube. She slid the vibrator from between her lips and whispered, “Taste me” as she pushed the head into my mouth, fucking my face as she worked her clit to orgasm.

I am better now and back to doing the things we enjoy. The Big Boss continues to make frequent appearances in our play. My favorite is when it is the other cock in while double penetrating Mrs. Peg. That way I get to enjoy its vibrations too. However you choose to play with the Big Boss, we are sure you will enjoy it too.

Have fun and play safely!!

Big Boss

*****WE RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AS A FREE SAMPLE FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE AND Good Vibrations. THANKS AMANDA! The fact that I got this free really has no bearing on the honesty of this review. ******

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

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