Sunday, April 22, 2012

We Ride the iRide

iRide Vibrator Seat

iRide Vibrator Seat

A few weeks ago our good friends at offered us the opportunity to try out the iRide Vibrator Seat by Doc Johnson in exchange for our thoughts about the product. I couldn’t say ‘YES!’ fast enough. We had been wanting to try one since the first time we saw it. All in all, the iRide was a whole lot of fun….but not like we had expected.

Mrs. Peg was the first to try out the iRide. Honestly, she found it pretty unremarkable. While the insertable shaft was the right size to be very comfortable, she felt that it would feel better if it had a little more of a forward curve in order to provide pressure to the anterior wall of her vagina. The egg shaped clitoral bump didn’t really do much for her either. I will say that for my part I was looking forward to watching her rock herself to orgasm while riding the toy. In reality it looked like a bizarre little saddle and my wife just couldn’t find a rhythm that worked for her. In the end we gave up on it and proceeded to play without the iRide.

A few days later I, being one who is not shy about anal stimulation, decided to give the iRide a ride. I had a completely different experience with this toy! Not only was I able to ride it to a massive shuddering orgasm but I also had a number or ejaculate free mini p-spot orgasms! I put the iRide on a short stool, eased the shaft into my ass, and made myself comfortable in the saddle. The shaft is a perfect length for p-spot stimulation and the girth was easy for me to accommodate. (Those new to anal play may want to work their way up to this.) Like Mrs. Peg, I also feel that a forward curve would be even better. Unlike Mrs. Peg, I found that the clitoral bump does a wonderful job as a perineum massager and provides a nice bit or pressure on the base of your penis. My balls were comfortable hanging over the edge of the saddle and I had free access to play with my cock. I did find that I got the most internal stimulation by leaning far forward. For me, the high vibration settings were just right.

There are a few considerations to be aware of when using the iRide. First, this toy is made from ABS and TPR so it cannot be sterilized. If it is going to be used by multiple partners or in multiple orifices, please be sure to use a condom on it. Also, the iRide is a battery killer. It takes four AA batteries which are inserted into the base. I get the best experience from strong vibrations and I found they don’t last long which causes the intensity of vibration to drop off. Finally, the iRide is not waterproof. There is a space between the shaft and the saddle where water, excessive amounts of lube, or pussy squirts can easily get into making it a true challenge to keep this toy clean. I had hoped that the whole TPR covering was one seamless piece of material. My only other complaint is the color. This toy would look great in blue and gray, or black and gray; I am not a fan of the pink sex toy!

I felt kind of bad that I had a much better time on something that we had intended for Mrs. Peg, but at least it wasn’t a complete waste. If you are woman who doesn’t require a very thuddy, low frequency vibration, this will probably work well for you too. It is definitely worth a try!

Have fun and play safely!

iRide Vibrator Seat

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*****WE RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AS A FREE SAMPLE FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE BETTERSEX NETWORK AND BETTERSEX.COM. THANKS K!!! The fact that I got this free really has no bearing on the honesty of this review. It’s a whole lot of fun!! ******

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

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