Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dreams Come True

The warm rain fell in heavy thick drops along my spine.  The ground beneath me gave way to a mat in a cabana on a beach as my wife’s hands rubbed the sunscreen on my back.  Slowly I opened my eyes as the scene melted away into our bedroom.  I turned to say something to my wife who was pouring more massage oil on my shoulders but she gently shushed me before I could say, “Good morning.” 

Mrs. Peg continued to pour the warm fragrant oil on my skin.  I realized it was from one of our Jimmy Jane candles.  It felt luxurious and the combination of its warmth and her hands had me teetering on the edge of slumber.   What kept me from completely lapsing into sleep again was the occasional deep pressure applied along my spine, Mrs. Peg’s fingers on my feet, and the touch of her hand as it moved between my cheeks.  I have no idea how long this went on, but by the time she laid down on my body I was like putty in her hands. 

I am always shocked by how small my wife is.  I can only explain it by saying that because I hold her up on a pedestal I don’t really have a good idea of her true size.  I get that this is complete bullshit, although I do cherish my wife dearly.  It is rare though that I really get a sense of how much bigger I am than she is.  Even when hugging her, holding her, or when we make love, I have in my mind that she is proportionally closer to my size than she really is.  Folding her jeans is always a reminder; they are so small, not like a kid’s, but way smaller than my own pants.   Having her lie on my back was another reminder.  She really didn’t cover all that much of my body.  The difference in our sizes did, however, give her some room to slide around on.  I went from being super relaxed to super aroused as she slipped over my skin.  This was a true full body massage. 

After another indeterminable amount of time with Mrs. Peg Slip sliding around on my oiled body, she slipped off and gave me the tap-tap.  In our house, giving the other person the tap-tap is a code with many means.  A tap-tap on the hand if we are out means it is time to go.  Tap-tap on the wrist: we are late; tap-tap on the forearm: someone just said something very disagreeable; tap-tap on the thigh: take me to bed.  In this case I got tap-tap on the butt, which means, of course, get your ass up in the air.  With my hips raised, Mrs. Peg slipped our Liberator Wedge under my pelvis.  Another tap-tap on my thigh and I spread my legs.  I could feel Mrs. Peg settle herself between my knees.  Next I felt more lube being poured between my ass cheeks and running down over my scrotum and cock.  I heard Mrs. Peg pull on a pair of gloves before sliding a finger and then more fingers into my ass.  Her other hand soon found my stiffening cock. 

In this position I get a lot of thumb action when Mrs. Peg works on my cock.  By that I mean she gives me firm pressure along the underside of my cock with her thumb and concentrates a lot on my frenulum.  It makes me crazy.  She also massages the inner root of my cock at my perineum.  I could feel pre-cum leaking out of my cock from all this pressure and prodding.  Today this not accompanied by any of the usual commentary from Mrs. Peg as we were clearly in silent mode.  I tried my best to simply enjoy and to not say a word. 

Mrs. Peg withdrew her fingers and I heard her pull the gloves offs.  A moment later I felt the pressure of a dildo being pushed against my anus.  I felt its girth enter me spreading me wide open to accept it.  It was not smooth, but rather had a very pleasant texture.  Mrs. Peg pushed it slowly into me until I had as much of it as I could take.  She then slowly started to thrust it in and out my ass.  Gradually the rhythm of the fucking increased as her other hand deftly resumed stroking my cock.  As I neared orgasm, Mrs. Peg would slow her thrusting and stroking, but angle the dildo downward so that it pressed on my prostate.  She repeated this over and over again walking me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm before leading back from the point of no return.  Finally when she sensed I could take no more her thrusts were deep, steady and angled so that the cock in my ass was running along my prostate.  She circled my frenulum with her thumb, applying deep pressure until felt myself explode in an orgasmic release.  She continued fucking me through the orgasm and stroking my cock, running her thumb down the length of my cock expressing every last drop of cum.  My cock stopped spurting semen well-before my ass stopped spasming in response to the dildo fucking and handjob I had received.  It wasn't until I was still that Mrs. Peg stopped her thrusting and pulled the dildo from me. 

I lay there spent.  I felt Mrs. Peg get up from the bed and I got another tap-tap, this time on my hip.  We were finished.  She brought her lips to mine and I kissed her, my head still sidewise on the pillow.  I started to thank her.  "Shh-shh," she said and headed off to the bathroom. 

This story features the Maven Silicone Dildo by Pleasure Works.  Although here it was used in Mrs. Peg's hand, it is fully harness compatible as it has a wide base.  It can be used in harness that have removable o-rings or in a harness with an integrated o-ring (such as those made by SpareParts HardWare or RedeoH), provided that the rings can accommodate the Maven's 1.75 inch girth.  (This does fit in both our SpareParts and RodeoH harness without a problem.)  The Maven is 8 inches long with an insertable length of 7.5 inches.  It is a very realistic dildo complete with skin texture on the glans that very closely resembles the appearance of my own cock.  It even has a sculpted meatus in the tip.  The glans is well-defined with a molded frenulum and a pronounced coronal ridge that is noticeable on insertion.  The shaft also has a highly sculpted surface that is quite veiny. The sensations that this provides are quite enjoyable.   The material is 100% premium-grade, body-safe, non-porous, food grade, silicone.  It is rigid enough to stand off a harness and maintain its slight upward curve.  It does, however, have a lot of flexibility without being floppy and it compresses realistically when squeezed firmly.  These qualities make it extremely comfortable when it is inside of you, even during vigorous thrusting.  Normal precautions used with any silicone products must be employed.  With proper care, though, this high-quality, well-made dildo should provide years, if not a lifetime, of use. 

Have fun and play safely! 

We are very grateful to Good Vibrations for giving us the opportunity to play with the Maven to play with. These are our honest opinions and we were not swayed to write a positive review just because we got some free stuff. When we say we loved the Maven, we mean it. This is dildo is a lot of fun!!

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Lady in Red and the Rear Admiral

“Just lie there, Sweetheart, and RELAX! You don’t have to do a thing. I’ll take perfectly good care of you,” the woman in the sequined red dress said as her hand trailed over my naked ass. I heard her walk into the bathroom that is connected to our room. She was behind me so I couldn’t see what she was doing but I could hear the clicking of her heels on the tile. Moments before she had stripped me of my suit and tie, knelt before me and engulfed my stiffening cock in her red-ringed mouth. Once I was fully erect and quite aroused, she helped me onto the bed, bending me over the Liberator Ramp with our Liberator Hipster on top of it. Now, with my ass exposed to her I wondered what came next. I was sure that I was about to get pegged. The intensity of that pegging and what else happened before, during and after was unknown.

With Mrs. Peg there are generally two states of mind that she gets herself into and I can usually tell by her eyes and tone of her voice which one it is. There is the, “I’m going to peg you and you are going to like it!” mode, which usually involves some level of domination and a bit of rough play. And then there is the, “I’m going to peg you and you are going to LOVE it!” mode which is gentle, borders on the tantric, and is incredibly loving. I am not sure I have a preference; both can be incredibly powerful and amazing experiences. Being able to tell which way we are heading though helps me get in the proper frame of mind. Tonight, however, I was a bit nervous because it wasn’t Mrs. Peg in our bathroom and I had no idea what I was in for.

When I arrived home earlier the lady in the red dress greeted me in our foyer. “Your wife had to go out for the evening,” she told me. Her accent was pure Charleston, southern but refined. “She asked me to keep you company until she get back.” She stood nearly six foot tall in her heels, long and leggy. Her long straight dark brown hair was in striking contrast to Mrs. Peg’s much shorter sandy blonde hair. She had on ruby red lipstick to match the color of her tight fitting dress. Another rather notable feature about this woman was her rather large bustline. I’ve never been much of a breast man; I rather prefer by wife’s smallish but perky breasts. But these were hard not to notice. The other and even more striking feature about the lady was her eyes. She had the most intense green eyes, so green in fact the almost looked unnatural. “You can call me Nora,” she said with a wink.

It was true that for the most fleeting of moments I didn’t recognize her. Her hair framed her face and disguised some of her features. The ample breasts threw me for a moment. The emerald green glow hiding my wife’s beautiful blue eyes worked to fool me as well. Even the heals tricked me for an instant, because my wife rarely wore heals, especially not heals that made her nearly as tall as me. But in the end it was my wife’s smile that gave her away; I would know her smile anywhere. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Nora” I said extending my hand to her. Taking it in hers she led me up the stairs. “Let’s see how much fun we can have before your wife comes back.”

The sound of Nora’s heels changed as she went from the tiled bathroom floor to the hardwood in our bedroom. “Your wife tells me you are bit of kinky, fellow. Is that true?”

It was a bit of an odd question. One person’s kink is another’s vanilla fare. “Um, I guess you could say that. It depends on what you call kinky.”

Nora switched into an almost prosecutorial tone. “Well, Sir, would it be correct to say that you like getting fucked up the ass with a strapon dildo?”

“Yes, that is true.”

“What is true, Mr. Peg?”

“It is true that I like getting fucked up the ass by a strapon dildo.” She was still behind me while I was giving my bizarre testimony and I continued to look straight ahead. I didn’t know if I should turn around and address her directly but not doing so seemed more appropriate.

“Well, Mr. Peg, I think that is pretty kinky. So can we agree that you are a kinky fellow before we go any further?”

“Yes, Nora. I will agree that by your definition I am a kinky fellow.”

“Well, that’s good, because I am a bit of a kinky girl so we should get along just fine.” I felt her hands grab by buttocks as she squeezed them. “Now don’t you worry, I am not into whips and chains, hot wax, clamps, or anything like that. I am not interested in hurting you.” She spread my ass cheeks apart and began to massage my hole with her thumbs. “I am, however, going to fuck this pretty ass with my beautiful hard cock. But first why don’t you lie on your back and let me enjoy your mouth.”

I push myself off the Liberator shapes and got on my hand and knees and began to spin around. I must have looked as confused as I felt. I wasn’t quite sure how exactly Nora wanted me on the bed. She grabbed me by the hair, not so hard as to hurt, but firmly enough to have my full attention. As she pulled me to the edge of the bed she said, “On your back, Sweetheart….on the cushions. Hang your head over the edge and open your fucking mouth. Understand?” I looked up at her. She had stripped off the red dress and stood before me, still in heels, in a full coverage but delicately embroidered black bra, a lacy garter belt, and sheer black hose. Fitted to her waist was a Terra Firma two strap leather harness with our new Admiral Silicone Dildo curving gracefully upward from her pubic bone.

The Admiral is a realistic dildo constructed out of a high quality resilient silicone. It is definitely firm enough to retain its curve, but it is flexible and soft enough to bend and give under pressure. The glans of the Admiral has a very realistic texture complete with a sculpted meatus, frenulum, and a rather pronounced coronal ridge. The shaft has lightly sculpted veins for bit of texture and added realism as well. Finishing off the realistic appearance of the Admiral is the very textured scrotum. It is a little bit flatter than a real set of balls, but at least they are there. And as far as the textured look of them goes, it is pretty much spot on.

The fact that Nora had balls is why, I expect, that she was wearing the Terra Firma . Perhaps it was just to provide another layer of contrast between her and my wife, whose preference is SpareParts HardWare. While a SpareParts harness could easily accommodate the Admiral, the nut sack would be hidden inside of the harness, and what fun is that? The Terra Firma allowed the balls to hang down between the two lower straps and therefore kept them free for playing with.

I positioned myself as directed, with the help of Nora who still had a firm grip on my hair. Releasing her grip my head hung over the edge of the Liberator cushion. The Admiral’s ultra-realistic head was perfectly positioned at my lips. Looking along the underside of the dildo I could see the textured ‘skin’ of the scrotum and the harness. Beyond that was Nora’s naked pussy. “Like I said before, Mr. Peg, all you have to do is lie there and relax, I just want you lying in a way that is useful to me. Now if you would, please, open…your…mouth!” Nora slid her cock into my mouth. Because I was essentially upside down the textured head of the Admiral rubbed along the full length of my tongue until it reached the back of my throat. I had about five inches of the Admiral’s 7.5 inch shaft in my mouth. I’ve sucked a lot of cocks for Mrs. Peg but I have never been able to deep throat. I was afraid Nora just might want to make me try. She pressed the cock against the back of my throat, gently but firmly. I tried to relax but instead of accepting it further into my throat my eyes teared and I gagged. “So we’ve found your cocksucking limit. That’s good to know.” She eased the Admiral out an inch and wrapped her hand around the base of her cock. I knew what she was doing; I’d done it with Mrs. Peg a thousand times. Basically she was creating a bumper so she could fuck my mouth without bruising the back of my throat. Mrs. Peg can’t deep throat either.

“We’ve also found out how much you like sucking cock.” Her other hand wrapped around my cock and gave it a firm squeeze. “Seems like a little dick in your mouth gave you quite the hard-on.” She wasn’t wrong; I liked this play. “Well that’s good because I’ve only just gotten started.” With that she released my cock and used that hand to brace herself on my chest and commenced to fucking my mouth with vigor. I did my best to treat her cock as I like to have my cock treated, keeping my lips tight around and licking its tip whenever she withdrew it far enough for me to play with its head. Nora’s hand served as a buffer to keep her from slamming the Admiral against the back of my throat as she thrusted her cock into my hungry mouth.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself when she pulled out entirely and inched forward. “Lick my balls, Sweetheart. Lick my balls for me.” I pushed my tongue against the scrotum, feeling its texture. It may look fairly realistic but the feel is all wrong. Of course I don’t know anyone could replicate a ball sack on a dildo with total realism but if they could we’d be first in line. Because Nora was that much closer to my mouth, and because I was hanging my head upside down, I now had a great view of her pussy behind the harness. I diligently lick the fake balls while Nora stood over me. She put her thumb and forefinger around the base of the sack and pushed them into my mouth. “Now suck them for me.” Doing this brought my nose in direct contact with her pussy. I don’t know if this was intended, I kind of think it wasn’t, but there she was riding my nose. Her wetness and scent was intoxicating as she rocked back and forth.

Nora pulled the Admiral’s balls out of my mouth and lifted my head a little. She bent down so she could look me in the eyes and said, “I’m going to need for you to lick my pussy. All you really need to do is put your tongue out and let me worry about where your are licking. Do you understand? I just want your tongue, I don’t want you thinking about how to get me off.” I nodded yes. Nora certainly knew what she wanted.

I shimmied my hips on the cushions so my head was supported once again. The curve of the hipster actually had me tilted forward a bit which positioned me perfectly when Nora straddled my face. I put my tongue out as requested and she shifted her hips around until I was perfectly positioned and she told me to get to work. I licked whatever she gave me, trying to keep things consistent and letting her decide how firmly she wanted to press her pussy against my wanton tongue. She moved her hips back and forth allowing me to explore her lips and clit. She pushed against my tongue so that I parted her slit and slipped inside tasting her delicious juices. She rocked her hips back again and I again had her clit at the tip of my tongue. As she rolled her hips I continued to lick her until she shuddered in orgasm.

I continued to lick her and in an effort to escape my tongue she rocked her hips forward and sat upright. She was now sitting on my mouth as she continued to ride out the last waves of her orgasm. My tongue found her anus and I continued to lick. Mrs. Peg is not big into analingus. It isn’t a pleasure thing, she does admit to enjoying it. It is more of a hurdle that she just can’t seem to get over. Apparently Nora does not suffer from the same inhibitions because she did not pull away. “You ARE a dirty boy, now aren’t you?” she said as she continued to let my tongue play between her cheeks. Nora began to moan and I realized she was touching herself as I tongued her ass. A few minutes later she was in the throes of orgasm again as I felt her muscles spasm in ecstasy. This time she rolled off my face, escaping my mouth entirely.

Nora lay next to me off of the cushions for a few moments recovering from two rather intense back-to-back orgasms. “So far everything your wife told me about you is true,” she said sitting up next to me. “She said you like to suck cock. She said, and this you admitted to, that you like your ass fucked. She also said you know how to use your tongue. She even said that you would tongue my ass if given the chance. All this has turned out to be utterly true. Do you know what else she told me?” Nora asked rhetorically. “The good Mrs. Peg told me that Mr. Peg likes to eat his own cum. Isn’t that unbelievable!? Or is it true? Do you, in fact, like to eat your own cum?”

“Yes, Nora.”

“Yes, Nora, what?”

“Yes, Nora, I will eat my cum for you.”

“Oh, Sweetheart, I KNOW you WILL. That was never in question. What I wanted to know was if you LIKED to eat your cum.”

“Yes, Nora,” I responded, “I like to eat my own cum.”

“Well this I need to see. You need to get up just for a moment, Darling.”

I stood up and Nora took the Liberator Ramp and placed it against the headboard so that the wide end was on the mattress and the other end faced the ceiling. She then stood up across the bed from me and slipped out of the Terra Firma . I guessed that I wasn’t getting pegged after all. Nora then crawled over the bed and took my cock in her mouth. Within seconds I was back to my fully erect state. She continued to suck my cock until I very close to cumming. Mrs. Peg was an expert at edging me. Accordingly, so was Nora. She licked the tip of my penis while squeezing my cock so that a drop of thick precum was expressed onto her tongue. Nora then got on her knees and kissed me hard, allowing me to taste my precum on her tongue.

“Just a taste to get you started. I think you are ready, now get up here,” she said as she backed her way across the bed on her knees. “I want your head down here,” she said patting the mattress at the base of the ramp. Nora then put her hand on the top of the high headboard, “and your legs up here.” I got into the postion she described. It was a bit unnatural but not in the least bit uncomfortable. My hard cock swayed above me within shooting distance of my face. I am fairly flexible and the bend in my neck did not cause me any trouble with breathing or restricting blood flow to my head.

Nora climbed back onto the bed and was kneeling just behind my head. She smeared some lube on my cock and began to stroke me. I could feel myself quickly approaching another orgasm. Nora ran the fingers of her left hand towards my ass. “Can you spread your legs and bend anymore so I can get to the ass of yours?” I opened my legs and pulled my knees in towards my chest. This effectively exposed my ass to Nora and had my cock pointing directly down at my face. “That’s perfect. You can shoot your cum right into your mouth now and I get to play with your ass.” This position was a little more uncomfortable than I was before, but it wasn’t terrible. I certainly could stay like this for a few minutes.

I felt Nora squeeze sum lube on my perineum. It ran backwards and forwards towards my scrotum and the crack of my ass. While she continued to stroke my cock above my waiting my mouth with one hand, she smeared lube over my balls and anus. “Are you doing okay like this?”

“Um-hmm,” I said. “I’m fine.”

“Good,” she said. “If you need to get up, just move. Otherwise, I want you to keep your mouth open nice and wide.” And with that she slipped a finger into my ass. Nora continued to stroke my cock in the air above my mouth while applying firm direct pressure to my prostate. She curled her finger repeatedly until finally a long stringy dallop of pre-cum oozed from my penis.

“OH! Look at that. Your leaking! Open wide, Honey, I don’t want any of this wasted.” The thick salty goo fell into my mouth as gravity broke it free from my cock. “That, my dear, is exactly what I want to see.” With that she picked the Admiral up off the mattress, spread some lube on it and pushed its 1.5 inch girth into my ass. At the same time she took my cock back in her free hand. The textured tip of the Admiral was surprisingly noticeable as she slid it into me. Also noticeable was the coronal ridge. It wasn’t uncomfortable in the least, I could just feel it as she inserted the dildo.

The curved dildo with its pronounced coronal ridge had much the same effect as Nora’s finger. More prostatic fluid oozed from my cock. Nora deftly maneuvered my cock so the pre-cum fell onto my waiting tongue. Using the Admiral’s ball sack as a handle Nora began thrusting the Admiral into me with more speed and depth. It felt amazing with its lightly textured shaft. The flexible silicone conformed to my body as well so I didn’t feel like my insides were being rearranged even as Nora increased the speed and force of her thrusting. With her other hand she continued to take me the edge and then back me off it an instant before I came. All the while drips of pre-cum fell in my mouth . “You are doing such a good job catching all those drips. Are you ready to cum though?” I nodded that I was. “Then open real wide for me, Mr. Peg. And look at me. I want to watch your eyes as come into your own mouth.” With that Nora pulled expertly at my cock while she fucked my ass with the Admiral. I got the edge quickly and this time there was no walking me back from it. I came as Nora jerked spurt after spurt of thick hot white cum into my mouth.

With my mouth full of salty cum I indicated that I needed to sit up. Nora slowly pulled the Admiral from my ass and I righted myself. I swallowed hard emptying my mouth of my own seed. Nora took my face gently in her hands a licked a drip off the corner of my mouth. She pressed her lips against mine and slipped her tongue passed my lips, delivering with it the last of my cum.

She then sat back, still holding my head in her hands. “It’s time for me to go, Honey. Your wife will be back shortly. I suggest you go get yourself cleaned up.” She patted my cheeks, got up off the bed and left the room without looking back.

Mrs. Peg was waiting for me downstairs when I got out of the shower. Her hair was a little disheveled, but other than that, she looked just like my beautiful wife should look. She smiled at me and said, “Did you have a good evening?” A fleeting hint of wickedness flashed across her beautiful blue eyes.

I smiled back and nodded “Yes, I did.”

Somewhere in our house is a box with a wig, some green contact lenses, and a pair of very large breast enhancers. I am not sure when I am will see them, or Nora, again, but when I do I know I will be in for a little of the unexpected.

The Admiral silicone dildo featured in this story is available from Good Vibrations. They were kind enough to let Mrs. Peg and I have one to play with in exchange for this review. It is really a fantastic dildo if you are looking for something of moderate length and girth. As mentioned it has a shaft that is about 7.5 inches long and about 1.5 inches in girth. The Admiral is made from high quality silicone that is firm enough to hold its distinctive shape while worn, but gives easily in use for comfort. It is also soft enough that it will give under a good firm squeeze. It isn’t quite as realistic feeling as a dual-density dildo, but it is super comfortable during play. The shaft is quite smooth but for a few lightly sculpted veins. As for the rather pronounced curve of the Admiral. I found that it was most comfortable and work the best when that curve was oriented to the front of my body. This means really no ‘doggy style’ pegging as the curve would be pointing up towards my spine. Being that it is a silicone dildo, you must exercise all the precautions you would use with any other silicone sex toy. The upside, however, is that you can sterilize the Admiral in boiling water or the dishwasher. Given proper care, the Admiral should last for years to come.

Just a note, if you love SpareParts HardWare as much as we do, and you want to play with a dildo that has some balls, don’t despair. We suggest using the Goodfella by Vixen with any of the highly recommended SpareParts harnesses.

We are very grateful to Good Vibrations for giving us the opportunity to play with the Admiral to play with. These are our honest opinions and we were not swayed to write a positive review just because we got some free stuff. When we say we loved the Admiral, we mean it. This is dildo is a lot of fun!!

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***