Monday, October 24, 2011

Bendy Bead Home Cumming

First Mate
“Fuck Me” The words lay across my windshield, hanging on the string that I use to alert me that I have pulled my car far enough into the garage.

“Don’t say a word….I’m not interested, ” was written on the Post-It stuck to the door of the house. I was already getting hard, thinking of Mrs. Peg’s first request. The best part of going on business trips was coming home to my wife, especially when she was feeling particularly playful.

“Use this” was on a note pinned to ribbon on our closed bedroom door. The top of the ribbon was caught in the door jamb. Hanging at the other end were our new Bendy Beads. I knew they were on their way from our friends at Apparently they had arrived while I was gone.

I stripped out of my clothes in the hallways outside our bedroom, my cock fully ready to oblige Mrs. Peg her request. I then untied the silicone anal beads from the ribbon. The Bendy Beads were a little different from what I expected. I had been thinking that there was a flexible spine inside that you could bend to hold a certain shape. In fact, the toy just flexes between the beads. This was a relief as we had a dildo once with a flexible spine. It tended to make a crunching sound when the spine was flexed and this thoroughly ooged Mrs. Peg out when I was fucking her with it. That dildo was short-lived in our house. These, I thought, would be comfortable without being creepy.

I opened the door to a room ablaze in candle light. In the center of our bed was my naked wife lying lengthwise on our Liberator Wing, her gorgeous ass facing the side of the bed. Her skin glistened in the warm light. She had likely taken a warm bath with some fragrant bath oils. Her eyes were covered with a blindfold and she was wearing a ball gag. She did not turn or acknowledge my entrance in anyway. She just lay there presenting herself as a gift to me.

I walked over to the bed, my hard cock bobbing as I moved across the room. As I approached my wife I saw that she had place a bottle of lube against her left calf. There was also a Dental Dam and some black nitrile gloves between her knees. I placed the Bendy Bendy Beads next to her right calf and donned a pair of gloves. I then held the bottle of lube above Mrs. Peg’s ass and watched as the thick liquid ran down between her cheeks, over her anus and her pussy. Mrs. Peg raised her hips slightly in response to the cool liquid on her tender bits. With my right hand I smeared the lube on her pussy and massaged her clit with my thumb. This time Mrs. Peg raised her head and arched her back.

After spending a little time getting Mrs. Peg warmed up, I opened the dental dam and placed the purple latex rectangle across my wife’s ass cheeks over her anus. I knelt behind her and pressed my tongue against the stretchy material. Mrs. Peg moaned through her gag as my latex-clad tongue met her tight hole. I played my tongue around and then pressed my pointed tongue against her, forcing her to open up to me. I began to fuck her with my tongue as best as I could, causing her to moan loader and rock against my face. Mrs. Peg really enjoys analingus. She is not, however, a fan of the thought of it. With all of our ass play, this is one act that she has not been able to embrace fully. However, using a dental dam gives her some piece of mind and lets her enjoy herself fully as I use my tongue on her ass.

After a few minutes I stood up. Mrs. Peg’s anus was very relaxed from my tongue play. I picked up the Bendy Beads and squeezed lube down one side of it. With my left hand I spread the lube over the beads making sure that each of the five beads and the silicone connect them was covered in water-based slickness. I pressed the first bead against Mrs. Peg’s anus and pushed it inside of her with the thumb of my left hand. I held the curly-cue end with my right index finger. I pressed the second bead into my wife and then the third. Then I pulled the third bead out and tried to push in back in using just the handle. The Bendy Beads are REALLY bendy and don’t allow for thrusting at the distal end of the string. I really needed to use my hand to help get the beads into my wife. I found that the largest bead is really the only one that I could pull out and push back in using just the handle.

Mrs. Peg was able to accommodate all the beads along the 7 ½ inches of insertable length which surprised me because she usually finds that much shaft in her ass a bit uncomfortable. I attribute this to the flexibility of the bendy beads and the fact that they were not being thrust in and out of her ass.

Once the strand of silicone of beads was comfortably in place in my wife’s ass, I pushed my cock into Mrs. Peg’s pussy. I could feel the girth of the beads through her vaginal wall. I really wanted to roll her onto her back so I could feel the beads along the underside of my cock. This would make our play more enjoyable to me. I was, however, focused on my wife’s pleasure and her current position was how she wanted to be fucked and I was happy to grant her request. Besides, with her ass up, I would be able to remove the beads at the right time. Just as Mrs. Peg was about to reach orgasm I slowly and steadily pulled out the beads with my left hand and I held onto Mrs. Peg’s bucking hip with my right. Once the Bendy Beads were out, Mrs. Peg collapsed against the Wing as I emptied myself inside of her.

The five graduated beads of the Bendy Beads measure 13/16 , 7/8, 1 1/16, 1 ¼, 1 3/8. The overall length is over ten inches long, with an insertable length of 7.5”. It is made from premium solid silicone and can be completely sterilized. The handle is very study and does not really give all that much when pulling. With proper care these beads could be the last ones you ever buy. Even if they don’t last forever, the will definitely be some of the best beads you’ve ever had!

Have fun and play safely!!

*****WE RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AS A FREE SAMPLE FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE AND Good Vibrations. THANKS AMANDA! The fact that I got this free really has no bearing on the honesty of this review portion of this story. We REALLY like this toy!! ******

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

Friday, October 21, 2011

Costumes Aren’t Just for Halloween … but if you need an excuse…

Night Nurse Costume

I love Halloween. Mrs. Peg thinks Christmas is the best holiday. My favorite has always been Halloween. I love decorating the house. I love being a little creepy. I mostly love how Halloween provides all the excuse necessary for people to get dressed up in theirSexiest Costumes and act a little naughty for a night.

The fact of the matter is you don’t have to wait for Halloween to roll around in order to get dressed up for a little fantasy play. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the back corner of Target to turn into a mini fetish store. Our good friends at EdenFantasys carry a wide range of naughty costumes year round.

Night Nurse Costume

I’ve always had a bit of a nurse fantasy. For me it is a combination of the uniform, medical devices and someone taking control that gets me really turned on. In order to play around a little bit with this fantasy I got Mrs. Peg a Night Nurse outfit. It just arrived the other day and I am EAGERLY looking forward to my prostate exam!!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

So head on over to EdenFantasys for all your costume needs. Whether you are getting dressed up for that special Halloween party, or your special after-party on Halloween, they are bound to have just what you need to satisfy your every fantasy. What’s more, many of them are sale now!

We will donate ALL commissions earned on sales through during the month of October to theSave The Ta-Tas Foundation!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness - Enter to Win $500 Prize

Eden Gives Back - community helping communities

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clamp, Meet Nipple...Nipple, Meet Ectasy

Bound to Please Nipple Clamps

The last time I was in California, I made a special trip to San Francisco to visit my favorite sex toy shop, Good Vibrations. I stopped at both the Valencia Street and the Polk Street Stores. While at the Polk Street store I ran into Dr. Carol Queen (**GUSH!!!**) after the “Open Invitation” release party. It was the highlight of my trip. I also bought a pair of Butterfly Endurance Nipple Clamps. NOT the best thing I purchased on the trip.

I have been looking for a quality set of nipple clamps with some holding power. We have a set of Tweezer Nipple Clips. These work; they always have. They hold well, the pressure is adjustable and …. we've had them forever. I think that is why I’ve been looking for something new. Our tweezer style set are just old and I think I am getting bored of them.

We also have a set of Nob Hill Nipple Clamps. These excel as labia clamps. They are not exceptional nipple clamps. I don’t find that they hold well and adjusting the gripping strength is a bit of hassle when dealing with sensitive nipples. But like I said, they are wonderful labia clamps.

Now you would think that I may have been tipped off by the word “ENDURANCE” on the box, but perhaps I was still coming down from my run-in with Dr. Queen. When I got back to my room I gave the Butterfly Clamps a try and…..YOWZA!!!!! They are really strong……really, REALLY strong! I cannot wear them for very long at all and I will not put them on Mrs. Peg. So my search for a suitable NEW pair or nipple clamps continued.

We LOVE Dr. Queen!!

Happily, our search is over. The Bound to Please Nipple Clamps are, in our judgment, the BEST nipple clamps we have tried to date. The gripping strength is fully adjustable, they hold really well, they have a nice weight to them, and they look fantastic on. One of my complaints with the Tweezer Nipple Clips is that they are kind of plain looking. Our new set of matte black Bound to Please Nipple Clamps look exotic against Mrs. Peg’s skin.

These clamps have a barely perceptible layer of rubberized material on the tips to allow them to grip flesh securely. It is, obviously, more noticeable on the silver pair. This is in stark contrast to the usual rubber tips on other nipple clamps. The thin layer provides a nice, clean look.

The clamps are secured by a knurled nut that compresses a spring which, in turn, closes the “mandibles” around the wearer’s nipple. We STRONGLY recommend working the nut up and down the threaded rod several times before applying for the first time. I don’t know about the chromed version, but the pair we have is painted black and the paint causes the nut to bind which makes removal exceptionally difficult, especially when you get to the “GET THEM OFF, NOW!” point. This can be eased a little bit by squeezing the spring but this means squeezing the nipple a little more as well. However, if you wear a little of the paint away, a play time disaster can be easily avoided.

The chain on the Bound to Please Nipple Clamps is also attached by a knurled nut. This can be removed is you desire by simply unscrewing these nuts. This makes the clamp a little lighter and somewhat better for wearing under a shirt or inside a bra.

These clamps are also well-suited for clitoral clamping. The small size of the tips make it easy to grab small area. The design also makes it easy to slip inside the head of the penis should you wish to add a little fun torture to your play. Just be sure they are nice a clean beforehand.

I could not be happier with these clamps. I believe I speak for Mrs. Peg as well. They are, first and foremost, very functional without being very painful (you can change this by cranking down on the nut or squeezing the springs!). They also feel wonderful and look fantastic dangling off Mrs. Peg’s nipples. What more could you want?!?!

Have fun and play safely!

All commissions earned from sales through in the month of October will be donated to .

*****WE RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AS A FREE SAMPLE FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE AND Good Vibrations. THANKS AMANDA! The fact that I got this free really has no bearing on the honesty of this review. We REALLY like this toy!! ******

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

Friday, October 7, 2011

Save the Ta-Tas and some money too!

Cancer Awareness

I am an ass man. I always have been. I even know why. My best friend when I was growing up had a 12” of Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls and the picture on the cover ruined me for life. I am all about the ass and Mrs. Peg’s is fantastic.

Ass man or not, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that means it is time to pay a little extra special attention to the Ta-Tas. Really, regular attention should be paid through self breast exams, but when October rolls around, the world turn pink in an effort to shine a light on a horrible disease that steals our wives, mothers, and daughters.

EdenFantasys is running two promotions this month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Click on over and do your part to support the cause.

The first promotion is in conjunction with Evolved Sex Toys. Right now through the end of October, you can save 25% off all Evolved products. However, when you buy a pink one, a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The second promotion is for gift basket worth $500, a $100 gift card, or a $50 gift card. All you need to do to for a chance to win one of these great prizes is enter the Show Your Ta-Tas Some Love! contest. Full details are available here. You can see other people’s entries on EdenTube here. I can’t say I enjoy these, but they touch my heart.

EdenFantasys supports Breast cancer Awareness - Show your Ta-Tas Some Love

So here is the deal we are offering….I get a little something back every time someone visits EdenFantasys and uses affiliate code SMK during checkout. They get 15% off non-sale items and I get 5%....pretty standard affiliate program terms. We will donate ALL commissions earned on sales through during the month of October to theSave The Ta-Tas Foundation! So click on over the EdenFantasys and buy a pink Evolved Sex Toy. When you do, enter affiliate code SMK during checkout. You will get your toy for 25% off, plus EdenFantasys will give a portion of that sale to Save The TaTas. Then, any commission I earn will also go to Save The TaTas. You get a great toy at great price AND you are doing a little bit to generate more donations to an outstanding Breast Cancer Awareness charity . Talk about Win-Win-Win!!

Go ahead, show your ta-tas some love….after all, they are close to your heart!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness - Enter to Win $500 Prize

Eden Gives Back - community helping communities

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store