Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dreams Come True

The warm rain fell in heavy thick drops along my spine.  The ground beneath me gave way to a mat in a cabana on a beach as my wife’s hands rubbed the sunscreen on my back.  Slowly I opened my eyes as the scene melted away into our bedroom.  I turned to say something to my wife who was pouring more massage oil on my shoulders but she gently shushed me before I could say, “Good morning.” 

Mrs. Peg continued to pour the warm fragrant oil on my skin.  I realized it was from one of our Jimmy Jane candles.  It felt luxurious and the combination of its warmth and her hands had me teetering on the edge of slumber.   What kept me from completely lapsing into sleep again was the occasional deep pressure applied along my spine, Mrs. Peg’s fingers on my feet, and the touch of her hand as it moved between my cheeks.  I have no idea how long this went on, but by the time she laid down on my body I was like putty in her hands. 

I am always shocked by how small my wife is.  I can only explain it by saying that because I hold her up on a pedestal I don’t really have a good idea of her true size.  I get that this is complete bullshit, although I do cherish my wife dearly.  It is rare though that I really get a sense of how much bigger I am than she is.  Even when hugging her, holding her, or when we make love, I have in my mind that she is proportionally closer to my size than she really is.  Folding her jeans is always a reminder; they are so small, not like a kid’s, but way smaller than my own pants.   Having her lie on my back was another reminder.  She really didn’t cover all that much of my body.  The difference in our sizes did, however, give her some room to slide around on.  I went from being super relaxed to super aroused as she slipped over my skin.  This was a true full body massage. 

After another indeterminable amount of time with Mrs. Peg Slip sliding around on my oiled body, she slipped off and gave me the tap-tap.  In our house, giving the other person the tap-tap is a code with many means.  A tap-tap on the hand if we are out means it is time to go.  Tap-tap on the wrist: we are late; tap-tap on the forearm: someone just said something very disagreeable; tap-tap on the thigh: take me to bed.  In this case I got tap-tap on the butt, which means, of course, get your ass up in the air.  With my hips raised, Mrs. Peg slipped our Liberator Wedge under my pelvis.  Another tap-tap on my thigh and I spread my legs.  I could feel Mrs. Peg settle herself between my knees.  Next I felt more lube being poured between my ass cheeks and running down over my scrotum and cock.  I heard Mrs. Peg pull on a pair of gloves before sliding a finger and then more fingers into my ass.  Her other hand soon found my stiffening cock. 

In this position I get a lot of thumb action when Mrs. Peg works on my cock.  By that I mean she gives me firm pressure along the underside of my cock with her thumb and concentrates a lot on my frenulum.  It makes me crazy.  She also massages the inner root of my cock at my perineum.  I could feel pre-cum leaking out of my cock from all this pressure and prodding.  Today this not accompanied by any of the usual commentary from Mrs. Peg as we were clearly in silent mode.  I tried my best to simply enjoy and to not say a word. 

Mrs. Peg withdrew her fingers and I heard her pull the gloves offs.  A moment later I felt the pressure of a dildo being pushed against my anus.  I felt its girth enter me spreading me wide open to accept it.  It was not smooth, but rather had a very pleasant texture.  Mrs. Peg pushed it slowly into me until I had as much of it as I could take.  She then slowly started to thrust it in and out my ass.  Gradually the rhythm of the fucking increased as her other hand deftly resumed stroking my cock.  As I neared orgasm, Mrs. Peg would slow her thrusting and stroking, but angle the dildo downward so that it pressed on my prostate.  She repeated this over and over again walking me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm before leading back from the point of no return.  Finally when she sensed I could take no more her thrusts were deep, steady and angled so that the cock in my ass was running along my prostate.  She circled my frenulum with her thumb, applying deep pressure until felt myself explode in an orgasmic release.  She continued fucking me through the orgasm and stroking my cock, running her thumb down the length of my cock expressing every last drop of cum.  My cock stopped spurting semen well-before my ass stopped spasming in response to the dildo fucking and handjob I had received.  It wasn't until I was still that Mrs. Peg stopped her thrusting and pulled the dildo from me. 

I lay there spent.  I felt Mrs. Peg get up from the bed and I got another tap-tap, this time on my hip.  We were finished.  She brought her lips to mine and I kissed her, my head still sidewise on the pillow.  I started to thank her.  "Shh-shh," she said and headed off to the bathroom. 

This story features the Maven Silicone Dildo by Pleasure Works.  Although here it was used in Mrs. Peg's hand, it is fully harness compatible as it has a wide base.  It can be used in harness that have removable o-rings or in a harness with an integrated o-ring (such as those made by SpareParts HardWare or RedeoH), provided that the rings can accommodate the Maven's 1.75 inch girth.  (This does fit in both our SpareParts and RodeoH harness without a problem.)  The Maven is 8 inches long with an insertable length of 7.5 inches.  It is a very realistic dildo complete with skin texture on the glans that very closely resembles the appearance of my own cock.  It even has a sculpted meatus in the tip.  The glans is well-defined with a molded frenulum and a pronounced coronal ridge that is noticeable on insertion.  The shaft also has a highly sculpted surface that is quite veiny. The sensations that this provides are quite enjoyable.   The material is 100% premium-grade, body-safe, non-porous, food grade, silicone.  It is rigid enough to stand off a harness and maintain its slight upward curve.  It does, however, have a lot of flexibility without being floppy and it compresses realistically when squeezed firmly.  These qualities make it extremely comfortable when it is inside of you, even during vigorous thrusting.  Normal precautions used with any silicone products must be employed.  With proper care, though, this high-quality, well-made dildo should provide years, if not a lifetime, of use. 

Have fun and play safely! 

We are very grateful to Good Vibrations for giving us the opportunity to play with the Maven to play with. These are our honest opinions and we were not swayed to write a positive review just because we got some free stuff. When we say we loved the Maven, we mean it. This is dildo is a lot of fun!!

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***