Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clamp, Meet Nipple...Nipple, Meet Ectasy

Bound to Please Nipple Clamps

The last time I was in California, I made a special trip to San Francisco to visit my favorite sex toy shop, Good Vibrations. I stopped at both the Valencia Street and the Polk Street Stores. While at the Polk Street store I ran into Dr. Carol Queen (**GUSH!!!**) after the “Open Invitation” release party. It was the highlight of my trip. I also bought a pair of Butterfly Endurance Nipple Clamps. NOT the best thing I purchased on the trip.

I have been looking for a quality set of nipple clamps with some holding power. We have a set of Tweezer Nipple Clips. These work; they always have. They hold well, the pressure is adjustable and …. we've had them forever. I think that is why I’ve been looking for something new. Our tweezer style set are just old and I think I am getting bored of them.

We also have a set of Nob Hill Nipple Clamps. These excel as labia clamps. They are not exceptional nipple clamps. I don’t find that they hold well and adjusting the gripping strength is a bit of hassle when dealing with sensitive nipples. But like I said, they are wonderful labia clamps.

Now you would think that I may have been tipped off by the word “ENDURANCE” on the box, but perhaps I was still coming down from my run-in with Dr. Queen. When I got back to my room I gave the Butterfly Clamps a try and…..YOWZA!!!!! They are really strong……really, REALLY strong! I cannot wear them for very long at all and I will not put them on Mrs. Peg. So my search for a suitable NEW pair or nipple clamps continued.

We LOVE Dr. Queen!!

Happily, our search is over. The Bound to Please Nipple Clamps are, in our judgment, the BEST nipple clamps we have tried to date. The gripping strength is fully adjustable, they hold really well, they have a nice weight to them, and they look fantastic on. One of my complaints with the Tweezer Nipple Clips is that they are kind of plain looking. Our new set of matte black Bound to Please Nipple Clamps look exotic against Mrs. Peg’s skin.

These clamps have a barely perceptible layer of rubberized material on the tips to allow them to grip flesh securely. It is, obviously, more noticeable on the silver pair. This is in stark contrast to the usual rubber tips on other nipple clamps. The thin layer provides a nice, clean look.

The clamps are secured by a knurled nut that compresses a spring which, in turn, closes the “mandibles” around the wearer’s nipple. We STRONGLY recommend working the nut up and down the threaded rod several times before applying for the first time. I don’t know about the chromed version, but the pair we have is painted black and the paint causes the nut to bind which makes removal exceptionally difficult, especially when you get to the “GET THEM OFF, NOW!” point. This can be eased a little bit by squeezing the spring but this means squeezing the nipple a little more as well. However, if you wear a little of the paint away, a play time disaster can be easily avoided.

The chain on the Bound to Please Nipple Clamps is also attached by a knurled nut. This can be removed is you desire by simply unscrewing these nuts. This makes the clamp a little lighter and somewhat better for wearing under a shirt or inside a bra.

These clamps are also well-suited for clitoral clamping. The small size of the tips make it easy to grab small area. The design also makes it easy to slip inside the head of the penis should you wish to add a little fun torture to your play. Just be sure they are nice a clean beforehand.

I could not be happier with these clamps. I believe I speak for Mrs. Peg as well. They are, first and foremost, very functional without being very painful (you can change this by cranking down on the nut or squeezing the springs!). They also feel wonderful and look fantastic dangling off Mrs. Peg’s nipples. What more could you want?!?!

Have fun and play safely!

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*****WE RECEIVED THIS PRODUCT AS A FREE SAMPLE FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE AND Good Vibrations. THANKS AMANDA! The fact that I got this free really has no bearing on the honesty of this review. We REALLY like this toy!! ******

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

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