Monday, December 10, 2012

Sasha Comes to Play

Sasha arrived at our house during a rather important college football game (We live in North Florida….college football does matter). We had a house full of guests and in walks Jyl, our voluptuous neighbor with Sasha in her arms.

“I found this little thing on your doorstep….can I keep it?” Jyl asked, in her typical flirtatious tone. I might have said yes but for the fact that I knew Jyl and Sasha were not a good fit. I often mused with Mrs. Peg that I thought Jyl was a pro-domme. She doesn’t work outside of the home and no one was really quite sure what she does for a living. Jyl has a huge personality, this innate ability to get others to do what she wants, and openly flirts with men and women alike. What is most strange about that last point is that no one seems to mind. Mrs. Peg does not generally like women flirting with me, but Jyl manages to be playfully sexy without being threatening.

The thought of inviting Jyl into our bedroom for some pegging play made me temporarily forget about the football game and had me wanting to empty the house of everyone except Mrs. Peg, Jyl, and of course Sasha. While we can’t quite seem to bring ourselves to do it, Mrs. Peg and I have played with the idea of what it might be like to have a third person join us so they could peg me while I fucked Mrs. Peg. Jyl could easily be that person. I replied, “I am sorry, darling, but THAT is not for YOU.”

“Ooooh, it must be something naughty then.” She hand me the box, turned towards the kitchen and said over her shoulder, “Could be fun…..” Yes, I was sure it could be, but we managed to keep Sasha in her box until the following day.

Sasha is, without a doubt, nothing if not classy. Sasha comes in a black gift box that is devoid of any markings. All the product information is on a cardboard sleeve that slides over the box. This makes it both suitable for gift giving and, if you slip off the sleeve first, a wonderful surprise waiting in a nondescript but elegant box. Once you open the box, Sasha is lying inside neatly folded and ready for play. Also inside the box are a handy lingerie mesh laundering bag, four removable garters, and a storage bag made ouf of the same silky material as the harness itself. The storage bag has a zipper closure and an inner pocket with metal button clasps to store a bullet vibe, the garters, or anything else you may want to put in there. On the outside is a cute little black bow. I am always impressed by the attention to detail that our friends at SpareParts put into their products, and with Sasha they have truly outdone themselves.

Sasha, itself, is absolutely gorgeous. SpareParts sent us a red one to try. It is a deep sensuous red with removable black garters, black trim around the leg openings, and a little black bow on its waistband. Sasha is a booty short harness that has a retro style to it, being a little tall from the top of the leg opening to the top of the waistband, but it is not quite a boyshort. There are ribbons on the sides which should be tied into bows for an added touch of refinement. The genious of these ribbons, however, is that they are in channels that allow you to scrunch up the sides, if you like a higher cut on the hips. If you prefer a smooth side, simple loosen the bow and the sides flatten right out for a sexy fit. My absolute favorite detail, and what absolutely knocked me out when I saw Mrs. Peg wearing Sasha, is the runched backside. I have a bit an obsession with my wife’s perfect ass and I honestly didn’t think anything could make it look any sexier than thong. I, happily, stand corrected!

The o-ring for the dildo is of the same construction as our other SpareParts harnesses. It is incorporated into the harness, but it stretches to accommodate dildos 1.25 to 2.25 inches in diameter. If you are having difficulty fitting a thicker dildo into a SpareParts harness, simple slip a plastic bag over the dildo prior to inserting. This will help it slide in. Once the dildo is seated within the o-ring, continue to pull the bag all the way through. Viola! We have yet to wear out the stretchiness of the SpareParts o-ring…another testament to the quality of their products.

The placement of the dildo is spot-on with the base sitting right on top of the pubic bone. This gives it a very natural feel and makes it perfect for vigorous thrusting. Behind the o-ring is a double-layered panel. Once the dildo is inserted, these panels cover the base providing a barrier between the wearer’s skin (and pubic hair) and the dildo’s base. This can, much like the fly on a men’s pair of tighty-whities, open so that wearer can also have base on their skin if that appeals to them. This also allows for the use of double ended dildos like the Feeldoe, the Share XL, or any other similarly styled double-ended dildo (see the list below for some ideas). There is also a small pocket in the crotch of Sasha into which a bullet vibe can be place to give the wearer a little extra buzz.

Because Sasha is a booty short harness, there are no buckles or straps to adjust. This has its benefits. First and foremost, it is easy to slip on and start pegging without having to fuss with lots of adjustments. It can also be worn under clothes as a panty until you are ready to slide in a dildo and get to work (a very very hot idea!). The flip side is that fit is very, VERY important. If properly fitted, Sasha will securely anchor the dildo, an absolute must for the enjoyment of both the pegger and the peggee. The fabric is 77% nylon and 23% spandex, so it does have some give to it, but it is not adjustable. We highly recommend reviewing this the Sizing Guide to ensure a proper fit. Mrs. Peg’s waist is 32.5 inches and going down a size to a small was both comfortable and a perfect fit. You do not want this harness to be too loose.

Being a fabric harness, Sasha is also suitable for playing in or around water. While we did not use Sasha in the shower, we have used other SpareParts harnesses this way for some extra wet fun. Sasha can also be easily washed. SpareParts recommends hand or gentle machine washing, with a low temp tumble dry or laying Sasha out flat to dry. You just can’t do that with a leather harness! SpareaParts also cautions that only water or silicone based lubes be used. Oil based lubes will definitely stain the fabric and may cause the elastic and spandex to degrade. Of course you don’t want to use a silicone based lube with any silicone dildos.

Every time SpareParts sends us a new harness it quickly becomes our favorite. Their products are amazing and, while it is hard to believe, they keep getting better. Sasha is absolutely amazing. We truly can’t find a thing about it that we don’t like. Well…there is one thing. I cannot get to Mrs. Peg’s lady bits while she is wearing Sasha. Word is the fine folks at SpareParts are working on that. We can’t wait!!

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We are incredibly grateful to SpareParts HardWear for sending us a sample of the Sasha to play with. These are our honest opinions and we were not swayed to write a positive review just because we got some free stuff. When we say we loved the Sasha, we mean it. This is an amazing harness!!

***Pegging is the sexual act of a woman using a strapon dildo to anally penetrate her male partner.***

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