Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Decorations and Dildos

Candy Christmas Lingerie

About five years ago I started filling two stocking for Mrs. Peg on Christmas Eve. One is a classic stocking made of plaid fabric with a metallic rope hand stitched into a celtic knot on the cuff. I made this for her the first year we were married. This one hangs from the mantle next to the University of Florida Gators stocking she made for me. I made my wife’s other stocking as well. This one usually hangs from our footboard and is your standard red and white faux fur stocking with fishnet hose pulled over it.

The mantle stocking gets filled with typical stocking stuff: perfume, makeup, candy, fancy coffee, etc. The bedroom stocking gets filled with lube, dildos, massage candles, sexy panties and hosiery….basically the type of stuff you can find on EdenFantasys. I like to give my wife naughty things, but because we usually have a house guest or two, I can’t exactly leave them under the tree. The second stocking seemed like a good plan.

Last year I was feeling little naughty myself and decided to slip the glass Candy Cane Dildo I purchased for Mrs. Peg into her “vanilla” stocking. It is just that pretty that it could pass as a Christmas decoration. I should mention that her mother was visiting us last year. Turns out, she didn’t suspect a thing. The Candy Cane did, however, find its rightful place in the bedroom later that evening. This year is it on the mantle waiting for Santa to come down the chimney and make the Mrs. go ho-ho-ho.

Candy Cane Dildo

EdenFantasys is the perfect place for all of your sexy gift-giving needs. They have an extensive collection of sex toys, alluring holiday costumes, sexy lingerie to keep things hot once even if it’s cold outside, and club wear for those adults-only holiday parties.

The great thing about EdenFantasys is that it is more than a sex toy shop. Personally, I am using some of my points (don’t know about the points….sign up for an account here and just about everything you do on EdenFantasys earns you points which you can cash in for products!) to buy my sister some massage products. She’s not too shy to admit she likes a good massage from her man and I am not too shy to give her an intimate gift for them to enjoy together. This type of gift is also suitable for those just beginning a relationship.

JimmyJane Contour

As always you can use Coupon Code ‘SMK’ during checkout to save 15% off your non-sale items. Also, your order always ships free if you purchase more than $59.00 worth of merchandise after any discounts.

Have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

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